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Taylor pleased with Hot Rods’ first month

The Bowling Green Hot Rods are off to a decent start at the box office, pleasing team president Brad Taylor.What seemed to be a huge leap of faith appears to be paying off for owner Art Solomon and president Brad Taylor, as the Bowling Green Hot Rods (Low Class A; Sally League) are drawing well at the box office in April, traditionally the toughest month of the minor-league season.

The Hot Rods, which played last season as the Columbus Catfish, are drawing 3,782 fans a game to Bowling Green Ballpark — not a bad number for a market that’s never seen pro baseball. There’s a definite buzz in the area, and that can only help the team, says Taylor.

“The response so far has been wide-ranging,” he told the local newspaper. “From, I think, amazement to people surprised to see this kind of facility in Bowling Green, to they had no idea how big it was or had no idea how professional it was with the technology and suites.

“We literally have people coming up and thanking us during games, saying, ‘I’ve been born and raised in Bowling Green, and I never thought this was going to happen in the town I’m from.’ And you can’t get a better feeling than that.”

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