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Renovated Recreation Park a hit with Rawhide fans

The newly renovated Recreation Park, home of the Visalia Rawhide, opened last night — and the fans loved the upgrades.
The Visalia Rawhide (High Class A; California League) opened the newly renovated Recreation Park last night, and fans were thrilled with the upgrades.

The biggest change: the addition of a concession building and specialty seating down the right-field line. It’s a clever way to address one major issue when ballpark renovations were first discussed: the grandstand, as it turns out, needed to stay put. So the plan shifted to move specialty seating to the new right-field area and sell VIP seating there. It worked.

That this ballpark is around at this state is a great tribune to the Rawhide ownership: most would have given up on what had been a barely functional facility. Now it has the potential to be the gem of the Cal League.

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