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Loria: What’s good for the Florida Marlins is good for the USA

Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria made an appearance at his team’s spring-training home and proclaimed a new Fish ballpark would be "a positive thing for the nation."Jeffrey Loria made his second appearance this spring at the team’s training camp in Jupiter and fielded questions from the press. The main topic, of course, was the team’s proposed new ballpark; it’s up for a vote Thursday before the Miami City Commission before going on to the Miami-Dade Commission.

Loria is optimistic about the chances for a new ballpark — as well as he should be, given what happened last week — but that optimism manifested itself in some interesting statements. To wit:

”The timing for the stadium could not be better and to get this stadium built now is the perfect time. Our nation is embarking on its largest public/private partnership….People need jobs, people need paychecks and the time to get it done is now.

"I don’t want to hear about the naysayers. There’s plenty of them around. They are the ones who always look back and say, `You know what? You guys did the right thing.’…There will always be people who are opposed to progress. This is a positive thing for Florida. This is a positive thing for the nation and certainly for the thousands of people that need the work."

Insert your own General Bullmoose joke here.

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