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Design-build process laid out for new Tulsa ballpark

Winning bidder for Tulsa ballpark construction process will subcontract work.
We can’t begin to understand the twisted arrangements for the construction of a new Tulsa Drillers (Class AA: Texas League) ballpark, so we’ll refer you to this Tulsa World article.

Basically, the winning bidder for the construction process — Tulsa Stadium Construction Co. LLC, which won the contract by default as the only bidder — is subcontracting the work to Manhattan Construction Co., which is a partner with the Tulsa Community Foundation, a tax-exempt charity, in Tulsa Stadium Construction Co. It sounds like much of this was set up to allow contributors to the ballpark to do so on a tax-deductible basis; private contributions account for half of the project’s $60 million price tag.

The ballpark will be built, according to Tulsa Community Foundation, on a "design-build" basis, which means adjustments will be made as construction occurs. If you’re interested, here’s the budget for the ballpark, slated to open in the 2010 season:

Structure: $12,519,000
Skin: $4,596,000
Finishes:    $6,367,000
Scoreboard :    $1,200,000
Food Services Equipment: $750,000
MEP Systems: $7,320,000
Insurance: $343,481
Permit: $135,000
Design: $2,000,000
Contingency: $2,000,000
Fee and General Conditions: $1,969,419
Total :   $39,200,000

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