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National League

National LeagueThe National League launched the modern era of professional baseball as a response to the looser, arguably corrupt National Association, in 1876. Led by William Hulbert and Albert Spalding, the circuit began with the defection of four Western teams — St. Louis, Chicago, Louisville and Cincinnati — from the National Association and launched with eight teams. After some lean years and a battle against the original American Association — better known as the Beer-and-Whiskey League — the National League emerged as the major force in professional baseball until the emergence of the American League in 1901.

Major League / 1876-present

Current Teams (in alphabetical order)
Atlanta Braves
Arizona Diamondbacks
Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
Colorado Rockies
Florida Marlins
Houston Astros
Los Angeles Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals
San Diego Padres
San Francisco Giants
Washington Nationals

Teams (in alphabetical order)
Atlanta Braves, 1966-present
Baltimore Orioles, 1892-1899
Boston Beaneaters, 1883-1906
Boston Bees, 1936-1940
Boston Braves, 1911-1935, 1941-1952
Boston Doves, 1907-1908
Boston Red Caps, 1878-1882
Boston Rustlers, 1909-1910
Brooklyn Bridegrooms, 1890, 1896-1898
Brooklyn Dodgers, 1911-1912, 1932-1957
Brooklyn Grooms, 1891-1895
Brooklyn Superbas, 1899-1910, 1913
Brooklyn Robins, 1914-1931
Buffalo Bisons, 1879-1885
Chicago Colts, 1890-1897
Chicago Cubs, 1899-present
Chicago Orphans, 1898
Chicago White Stockings, 1876-1889
Cincinnati Reds, 1876-1880, 1890-present
Cleveland Blues, 1879-1884
Cleveland Spiders, 1889-1899
Colorado Rockies, 1994-present
Detroit Wolverines, 1881-1888
Florida Marlins, 1994-2011
Hartford Dark Blues, 1876-1877
Houston Astros, 1965-present
Houston Colt .45s, 1962-1964
Indianapolis Browns, 1878
Indianapolis Hoosiers, 1887-1889
Kansas City Cowboys, 1886
Los Angeles Dodgers, 1958-present
Louisville Colonels, 1892-1899
Louisville Grays, 1876-1877
Miami Marlins, 2012-
Milwaukee Braves, 1953-1965
Milwaukee Brewers, 1998-present
Milwaukee Grays, 1878
Montreal Expos, 1969-2004
New York Giants, 1885-1957
New York Gothams, 1883-1884
New York Mets, 1962-present
New York Mutuals, 1876
Philadelphia Athletics, 1876
Philadelphia Blue Jays, 1943-1944
Philadelphia Phillies, 1883-1941, 1945-present
Philadelphia Quakers, 1883-1889
Pittsburgh Alleghenies, 1887-1890
Pittsburgh Pirates, 1891-present
Providence Grays, 1878-1885
St. Louis Brown Stockings, 1876-1877
St. Louis Browns, 1892-1897
St. Louis Cardinals, 1900-present
St. Louis Maroons, 1885-1886
St. Louis Perfectos, 1898-1899
San Diego Padres, 1969-present
San Francisco Giants, 1958-present
Syracuse Stars, 1879
Troy Trojans, 1879-1882
Washington Nationals, 2005-present
Washington Senators, 1886-1889, 1892-1899
Washington Statesmen, 1886-1887
Worcester Ruby Legs, 1881-1882


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