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Vendors threaten Dodger Stadium All-Star Game strike

2022 MLB All-Star GameFood and beverage workers have authorized a Dodger Stadium All-Star Game strike, as 99 percent of the concessions workers approved a potential walk out, according to the Unite Here union.

Levy is the Dodger Stadium concessionaire, who employs and manages the concessions workers. All in all, Unite Here claims to represent 1,500 food servers, bartenders, suite workers, cooks and dishwashers at Dodger Stadium.

Where there is real potential for a strike is another matter. The timing is a perfect one for those who want to make a point and disrupt one of the biggest events in all of sports, with the annual All-Star events beginning on Saturday with the Futures Game and ending on Tuesday night with the All-Star Game. It’s also perfect for a group seeking to make a point while also not having any specific pay or performance specifics in mind, leading one to wonder if there is the actual chance of a strike. From the Los Angeles Times:

Of the food and beverage workers at Dodger Stadium, 99% voted Sunday to authorize a strike, Unite Here spokeswoman Maria Hernandez said in a statement….

The workers seek “a fair new union contract,” the statement said. In an interview, Hernandez said she could not provide specific demands but said the pandemic had put a stark light on the housing and healthcare disparities that workers face.

“They are the backbone of our tourism and sports industry, yet many struggle to stay housed and to make ends meet,” said Susan Minato, co-president of Unite Here Local 11. “They often live with economic uncertainty because the quality of jobs vary stadium to stadium. No worker should have to continue living like this.”

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