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More details emerge on tragic Petco Park fall

San Diego PadresPolice have released more details on the tragic fall of a 40-year-old mother and her two-year-old son from the concourse level of Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, including their names.

Raquel Wilkins, 40, and Denzel Browning-Wilkin fell from the dining/concession area on the concourse level, six stories up, onto 200 Tony Gwynn Way. Though there were attempts to revive the pair, they were both declared dead at the scene. Denzel’s father, Christopher Browning, was also at the ballpark; presumably that is what led police to initially declare the incident “suspicious.”

After those facts, however, it becomes even sadder. Wilkins had announced that she and Browning were engaged via Facebook, and he was with them at game. The San Diego Union-Tribune tracked down a witness, and this account makes it sound more like a tragic accident than any nefarious action:’

“The woman started jumping on the bench of the table closest to the railing, holding the baby in her arms,” the witness said in the statement. “She seemed happy — laughing.”

The woman lost her balance and fell off the bench, landing back on the concourse, the witness said, remarking to her son that the woman and baby had almost tumbled over the railing.

About 30 seconds to a minute later, the woman again jumped onto the bench of the picnic table with her son, according to the witness, who said she commented to her son that she couldn’t believe the woman had stood back up on the bench after falling the first time.

“She again lost her balance and this time, fell over the edge,” the witness said. “From my vantage point, looking at her back, it was almost like she rolled over the railing. I told my son: ‘Oh my gosh, she went over!’”

The investigation continues.

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