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Musk boring to Dodger Stadium dead?

Dugout Loop Map, Los Angeles

Elon Musk made plenty of headlines when he proposed a tunnel between Dodger Stadium and a yet-to-be-determined western terminus, but it looks like those plans have been scrapped.

The Boring Company, headed by Musk, has proposed a zero-emissions underground transportation system from the Los Feliz, East Hollywood, or Rampart Village neighborhoods west of Dodger Stadium. The high-speed system would transport fans from the western terminus to Dodger Stadium in under four minutes, traveling underneath Sunset Boulevard and Vin Scully Avenue. The western terminus would be located at Metro Red Line station, providing further integration into the Los Angeles transit system. The cost: $1 each way.

The goal of such alternative transport plans isn’t to replace cars or buses–it’s to reduce some traffic to make the Dodger Stadium commutes a little more bearable. But it looks as though The Boring Company has scrapped these plans, as well as a Baltimore-to-Washington project, per Bloomberg:

Both projects are currently mired in a regulatory no man’s land of environmental review and have not broken ground. Now, Boring Co. has removed all mention of either of them from its website [Ed.–check out the 404 page here; this once featured a detailed plan]—a suggestion that Musk is backing away from the projects….

The Dugout Loop, announced in 2018, hasn’t even made it that far. Last year, city officials said the project was in environmental review—in this case, meaning that an outside firm was studying environmental impacts of the project. No report has appeared in public. When asked about the Dugout Loop’s current status, officials referred inquiries to Boring Co., which didn’t respond to emailed questions.

The Los Angeles Dodgers also did not respond to requests for comment.

Big projects, of course, take big effort to achieve. And it could be that these projects faded once it became clear the hurdles to actually breaking ground were too high, considering Musk and crew have plenty going on between Tesla and space exploration. Still on tap: the proposed Dodger Stadium gondola project.

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