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Norwich Sea Unicorns Seeing Strong Merchandise Sales

Norwich Sea Unicorns

Since unveiling their new branding in December, the Norwich Sea Unicorns (Short Season A; NY-Penn League) have reportedly been recording strong merchandise sales numbers. 

The result of one of several rebrands to occur around affiliated Minor League Baseball in recent months, the Sea Unicorns are the new identity of the former Connecticut Tigers. The new Sea Unicorns branding–including the name, logo, and color scheme–was unveiled in December and has been well received in the months since, as team officials report strong merchandise sales.

Thus far, the Sea Unicorns have sold merchandise to customers in nearly all 50 states, along with racking up some sales to customers outside of the United States. More from The Norwich Bulletin:

According to the Baseball Stadium Authority meeting minutes from March 11, the Sea Unicorns’ General Manager Dave Schermerhorn said the team was number 1 in Minor League Baseball (MiLB) for selling hats, and he also expected to have “outstanding balances paid in full by opening day.”

[Sea Unicorns senior vice president C.J.] Knudsen said this refers to the regular rent the city receives every year from the team. According to the stadium lease agreement from August, the team will pay Norwich $90,000 by June 20….

In terms of the merchandise sales, Knudsen said they’ve sold merchandise in every state, excluding Louisiana and North Dakota. Foreign countries that the Sea Unicorns have sold merchandise in include Canada, Germany and Japan.

“We’re shipping out orders all the time.” he said.

The Sea Unicorns franchise has played at Norwich’s Dodd Stadium since 2010, its first season in Connecticut after relocating from Oneonta, NY. The franchise had been known as the Connecticut Tigers since arriving in Norwich, carrying over the Tigers name from Oneonta.

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