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2019 Winter Meetings Preview

Ballpark Digest

It’s that time of year again, as the baseball world gathers for the annual Winter Meetings, slated for San Diego on Sunday through Wednesday. We’ll be there; we hope to see you there, too.

The Winter Meetings represent the transition between seasons: 2019 accomplishments will be noted, and planning for 2020 proceeds. That means lots of meetings and receptions: MLB-hosted affiliate meetings, league meetings, planning meetings and more. There will be the annual parade of job seekers eager to begin their front-office careers: bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the beginning of the show, tired and haggard at the end. Plenty of vendors will be pushing their wares at the Trade Show. A highlight this year should be the annual gala at Petco Park, located across the street from the Convention Center: The San Diego Padres put on a great holiday celebration, to be sure.

And yes, we will be there. We’ll be hosting our annual reception for team owners, investors, GMs and C-level execs, honoring the winners of the 2019 Ballpark Digest Awards (if you did not receive an invite, drop me a line). We’ll also be meeting with vendors and anyone interested on Sunday and Monday. Again, drop me a line and we’ll work out the details. See you in San Diego!

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