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Portland Diamond Project Extends Option on Waterfront Site

Proposed Portland Ballpark rendering

The Portland Diamond Project has extended its option on the Terminal 2 port site, proposed as the location of a Major League Baseball ballpark, with the Port of Portland to further study potential transportation issues.

The Portland Diamond Project is leading the effort to bring MLB to the Oregon city, with a potential ballpark at the Port of Portland’s Terminal 2 at the center of its pitch. When the proposal was first unveiled a year ago, it was billed as a way to reinvent the roughly 45-acre riverfront site as an active area that would include the ballpark as the anchor of new development.

This is the second extension for the Portland Diamond Project’s option on the site, located northwest of the Fremont Bridge. The terms of the extension remain the same as the original deal: $37,500 per month. From The Oregonian:

The group said it plans to do a transportation study “to help better understand the constraints and opportunities related to a future ballpark and mixed-use district at Terminal 2.”

“No public or private entities have conducted a formal study regarding traffic and transportation options to and from the Terminal 2 area for the purposes of a development this large,” the group said in a statement. “As we evaluate the overall feasibility of Terminal 2 as a ballpark site, this is critical information to have.”

In a statement, Port officials said they “feel comfortable extending the timeline and welcome any information an independent transportation/traffic study might provide.”

Renderings courtesy Portland Diamond Project.

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