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Retractable-Roof Miller Park Experiences Rain Delay

The Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals experienced a brief rain delay at Miller Park Tuesday, as showers fell into the ballpark when its retractable roof was open.

With the Brewers hosting the Cardinals on Tuesday, showers broke out as Miller Park’s retractable roof was open in the top of the seventh inning. The game went into a delay while the two teams waited for the roof to close, with the action stopping for nine minutes. Once the roof closed, the Brewers grounds crew was able to apply a drying agent to the pitcher’s mound, allowing play to resume.

More from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The game ended in a loss for the Brewers. Shortly before the delay began, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina broke a 1-1 tie with a two-run homer and the Cardinals ultimately went on to win 6-3. Both teams meet at Miller Park on Wednesday for a matinee finale of their three-game series.

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