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Alex Box Stadium Alcohol Sales Expanding


LSU is expanding alcohol sales at Alex Box Stadium, as two new areas in the ballpark will serve beer and wine to fans ages 21 and over. 

Debuting at Alex Box Stadium this year are two new tented areas both known as The Yard. There will be Yard tents located in the left field and right field corners of the ballpark, and all fans ages 21 or over can purchase a wristband to gain access to the areas where beer and wine can be served and consumed.

More athletic programs have been looking expand alcohol sales in order to diversify concession offerings and boost revenue. LSU is doing so with by adding The Yard to Alex Box Stadium, as it allows beer and wine to be purchased and consumed in an area other than the ballpark’s exclusive Champions Club. There are a few limitations, however, including a stipulation that beer and wine cannot be consumed outside The Yard, a rule that is in accordance with SEC policy. More from The Daily Advertiser:

“The Yard” will operate as a bar as does “The Chute” at Tiger Stadium for football games. Fans ages 21 and over can purchase a wristband for $20 for entry into either location at Alex Box, and two beers are included. Additional beer and wine may be purchased at prices starting at $6 in “The Yard.”

Both “Yard” tents will open two hours before first pitch. All beer and wine sales will stop at the end of the seventh inning, which is how it works in Major League Baseball stadiums.

There are a couple of catches, though. You cannot see the field from the tents, but there will be video screens inside the tent with the game televised live. And fans cannot bring beers purchased in “The Yard” back to their seats because of Southeastern Conference policy. All beer and wine can only be consumed in the tented areas.

The Yard will debut Friday, when LSU hosts its 2019 home opener at Alex Box Stadium against Louisiana-Monroe.

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