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“Living Wall” on Tap for Target Field Batter’s Eye

The Minnesota Twins are going back to foliage on the Target Field batter’s eye, announcing a “living wall” approach that puts 5,700 sea-green juniper plants in a unique arrangement in center field.

Target Field opened in 2010 with 14 spruce trees in the batter’s eye, but they were replaced after Twins batters claimed the trees were too distracting. The new Target Field batter’s eye plan is much more elaborate. The Target Field living wall system, which at 2,280 square feet will be among the largest in the continental United States, will incorporate approximately 5,700 sea green juniper plants, individually installed and secured in a tiered, multiple-tray system attached to the existing batter’s eye wall structure, according to a Twins press release.

“The Minnesota Twins are excited about plans to install one of the world’s largest living walls at Target Field,” Twins President & CEO Dave St. Peter said in a press statement. “Since the removal of the original trees, which were part of Target Field’s batter’s eye in 2010, the Twins have been searching for the right solution which balances playability and aesthetics. We believe the living wall concept delivers on both fronts, while further enhancing the ballpark’s sustainability platform.”

From the Twins’ press release:

Consistent with the Minnesota Twins’ longstanding commitment to sustainability, the Target Field living wall batter’s eye will be self-irrigated via Pentair’s rainwater recycle system. The junipers will be installed each March and removed at season’s end, to be stored locally within a nursery for winter care. Manufactured by industry leader Green Living Technologies, International, out of Rochester, N.Y, the Target Field living wall system will be installed by Boston-based CityScapes.

Installation of the living wall system is scheduled to begin the week of January 21 and will be completed before the Twins 2019 season opener, March 28 against the Cleveland Indians.

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