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On Sale Today: The Baseball Thesaurus, Third Edition

The Baseball ThesaurusToday is a big day for Ballpark Digest: We’re celebrating the official release of The Baseball Thesaurus in an expanded third edition, as Jesse Goldberg-Strasser details baseball’s colorful terms and history.

Baseball is a sport with its own lingo and jargon, a colorful patois developed over decades and millions of games. In this new edition of The Baseball Thesaurus, enhanced with even more rare photos and little-known anecdotes, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler–storyteller, commentator, voice–delves into the language of the National Pastime. From Vin Scully’s philosophy on no-hitters to Red Barber’s classic turns of phrase and a definitive listing of broadcasters’ trademark home-run calls. Goldberg-Strassler explains baseball’s colorful terms. Why is a bunt called a bunt and why do pitchers warm up in the bullpen? It’s all here in an expanded Third Edition.

The Baseball Thesaurus: Pill, Aspirin, Baseball, Rawhide from Ballpark Digest on Vimeo.

Who should read The Baseball Thesaurus? It’s for the media linguist whose job relies upon baseball jargon, the radio listener, the blog reader, the talk-show caller, the minor-league diehard, the Strat-O-Matic connoisseur, the seventh-inning stretcher, the stereotype breaker, the crank, the postgame fireworks enthusiast, the t-ball coach, the seamhead, the baseball Annie, the hot-stove moper, the bandwagoner, the purist, the casual rooter who enjoys a quick tidbit and has no need to attend both games of a doubleheader, and the fan who takes pride in scoring the game and teaching the tradition to others.

“A home run is never just a home run,” says Goldberg-Strassler. “It’s a roundtripper, a four-bagger, a dinger, a tater, or a jack.  Baseball’s language is unmatched in both its color and its poetry.”

If you’re a regular Ballpark Digest reader, you know Jesse Goldberg-Strassler is a true treasure, and his passion for America’s Pastime shows through in every page of The Baseball Thesaurus. If you’re a fan of the game, you owe yourself a copy!

For more information and to order The Baseball Thesaurus, go to the August Publications website.