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Returning for 2018: The Endangered Ballparks Page

San Diego Stadium 1967

A ballpark is more than just a place where baseball is played; it’s a place where memories are created, where families and friends bond, and where communities gather. But some baseball shrines are threatened with demolition, so we’re bringing back our Endangered Ballparks page.

You can view the Endangered Ballparks page here.

Not every old ballpark can be saved, of course. That’s just the way it is in era where the future of an endangered ballpark is set by economics, not physical condition, and fans are eager for the amenities found in new temples of sport. Now, in general, professional baseball teams are very cognizant of the power nostalgia when it comes to the baseball experience, and we’ve seen a lot of thoughtful renovations over the years. So we won’t totally write off every facility on this list. Indeed, the last time we compiled it, the Astrodome was facing greater odds of demolition and the likes of Smith-Wills Stadium and RFK Stadium were not even noteworthy.

This list will fluctuate over time, and we promise to update it when circumstances dictate.

RFK Stadium

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