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Patriots Extending TD Bank Ballpark Netting

Somerset Patriots

Prior to the 2018 season, the Somerset Patriots (independent; Atlantic League) will extend the protective netting at TD Bank Ballpark

“As an organization, we weighed several options and ultimately decided on the expanded netting to provide additional protection for our fans,” said Somerset Patriots President/General Manager Patrick McVerry. “There are those that like to be behind the netting and others that like to see the field without it. This will allow us to accommodate both of those preferences of our fans, as well as actively respond to the movement towards more protective netting at ballparks throughout the nation.”

Following Major League Baseball’s recommendations for expanded protective netting at ballparks around the country, the Somerset Patriots will be adding netting in front of Sections 107 and 109 on the first base side and Sections 108 and 110 on the third base side. After installation, 47.6% of the Field Box and 50.7% of the Upper Box seating areas will be behind the protective netting.

The state-of-the-art netting is designed to optimize the viewing experience with the least amount of obstruction for fans. The goal is protection without taking away from the aesthetics of the award-winning ballpark.

“Regardless of the amount of protective netting added to any ballpark, there is still the inherit risk of foul balls and bats that require the need for all fans to be alert while the game is being played and to make a personal choice on where they would like to view the game,” McVerry added.

The netting will be installed over the next few weeks and be ready for the team’s home opener at TD Bank Ballpark on Friday, April 27.

Leading up to the 2018 season, numerous clubs in the affiliated minor league and independent ranks will be extending the protective netting at their ballparks. More of our coverage on extended netting can be found here.

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