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LumberKings to Upgrade Ashford University Field

Clinton LumberKings

The Clinton LumberKings (Low A; Midwest League) are planning variety of improvements to Ashford University Field, including the ballpark’s first ribbon board. 

The LumberKings have teamed up with the Clinton County Development Association, the City of Clinton, and the Friends of Riverview Stadium to make changes to the 81 year old ballpark. During the course of the offseason, the main concourse will see new concrete laid, a freshly painted façade, new picnic garden pergolas, high definition starting lineup, standings, and league leaders monitors, and the stadium’s first ever ribbon board.

Opening in 1937, Ashford University Field last saw a major renovation project in 2006. In 2006, the stadium saw the expansion of the right field Leinenkugel Lumber Lounge, construction of a state of the art home clubhouse, and construction of the right field picnic garden along with several other improvements. The new look to the second oldest stadium in the Midwest League will keep the same aesthetic charm while offering a more engaging fan experience.

Upon entering the main gates in 2018, fans will walk along the freshly laid concrete to see three 75-inch high definition monitors along the outer walls of the front office that will display the game’s lineups, league standings, and league leaders. In addition to offering fans high definition up-to-date game and league stats, the monitors will engage fans with highlight clips and other visual entertainment.

From every seat in the house fans will then be able to view the stadium’s first ever ribbon board. Placed along the façade of the Leinenkugel LumberLounge, the new ribbon board will be 6 feet by 65 feet and will bring high definition picture quality to all LumberKings home games and non-baseball stadium events. The ribbon board will bring fans video content, in-game entertainment, and up to date stats during the game while offering advertisers a new and engaging way to captivate fans.

The always popular Dr. Pepper Picnic Garden will also see the addition of new picnic benches that will dry quicker after wet conditions and be more comfortable for fans watching the game down the right field line. Next to the new benches will be the hard to miss Mexican food stand. Starting in 2018 the Mexican stand will receive a face lift that will be housed beneath a palapa hut, palm leaves, that will give the feel a tropical getaway right off the Mississippi River.

Throughout the busy offseason improvements will be added to Ashford University Field and will be installed and ready to add to the fan experience on Opening Day when the LumberKings take the field on April 7th, 2018 against the Kane County Cougars.

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