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Nationals Park Adds New Organ

Washington Nationals

This postseason at Nationals Park will feature a unique touch, thanks to the installation of a new organ at Nationals Park

Starting with Friday night’s game, the Nationals will have home field advantage in the best-of-five National League Division Series against the Chicago Cubs. One element that could add to the atmosphere at the ballpark is a new organ, which recently arrived at Nationals Park and was fitted in a former radio booth.

The organ was put to use during the Nationals’ regular-season finale on Sunday, but the team and organist Matthew Van Hoose are planning for it to be particularly active during the postseason. The new arrangement also represents an upgrade over what the team previously offered. More from The Washington Post:

The Viscount was made to order in Mondaino, Italy; shipped to New York; tuned up in Harrisburg, Pa.; and, during the Nats’ final road trip, fitted in a former radio booth on the second floor of the press box high above home plate. Above the three tiers of keys are rows of tonal couplers (“tremolo,” “piccolo,” “vox humana,” etc.). Below are crescendo and swell pedals and, just off the floor, a fan of skinny pedal boards spreading out from Van Hoose’s busy feet. It is an instrument fit for an octopus.

“I’m thrilled,” said Van Hoose, 46, who was dinking away at a kiddie keyboard when he got into baseball at age 3 in Norfolk. “It’s kind of like going from a plastic bat to a wooden bat.”

The upgrade included a room of his own. Before, his portable keyboard was tucked into a corner of the control room with the crew that pumps sound effects and recorded music through the stadium speakers.

Now Van Hoose sits alone, following the prompts of DJ Daniel Zacharias through a video monitor and a headset.

The Nationals will host games one, two, and if necessary five of the division series at Nationals Park.

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