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Joe Maddon: Cubs Need More Night Games

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon has made the case that team should be allowed to schedule more night games at Wrigley Field

The issue of how many night games the Cubs should be permitted to schedule at their home ballpark as been a topic of debate in recent weeks. Cubs resident of business operations Crane Kenney recently expressed his desire to see the city loosen its restriction on night games at Wrigley Field, and allow the club to schedule as many as the league average of 54 evening dates.

A current agreement between the Cubs and the city instead permits 35 night games, plus eight nationally scheduled night games. In light of Kenney’s comments, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel argued that the Cubs should stick to their agreement, pointing out that the team wanted evenings that it could use for concerts.

On Friday, Maddon weighed in by making the case for Cubs to schedule more night games. He says that the club’s high number of day games at home under its current arrangement takes its toll on the players, as it is hard to settle into a routine. More from The Chicago Tribune:

“Friday day games, we just play way too many day games during the week,” Maddon said. “We just do. I’m just being honest. Guys need their rest. When you are constantly going night (then) day, or day, day, day, and it’s hot during the summertime, it matters. It definitely matters.

“It would be wonderful if we could get to a more conventional method regarding the number of night games vs. day games. If not we’ll just have to deal with it. We did OK last year. But when you’re able to just come to the ballpark a little bit later, get your proper rest, and then just be a human being, get your laundry done, go shopping, get a haircut, all those things …

“Seriously. There’s just no time, so you have to take advantage of the road, where you actually play more night games and you’re able to sleep and catch up on your rest and you come back home knowing it’s going to be more hectic.

“Listen, it’s no big secret. I’d be disingenuous if I told you something different. I’m not blaming anybody. This is not pointing finger. It’s not saying we’re not winning because of that. I just think it’s a better method to permit your players more consistent rest at home.”

The agreement that includes the stipulations for night games has seven more years to run.

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