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Fresno Tacos Unveil Oreo-Inspired Uniform

Fresno Tacos Uniform- Oreo Taco

Inspired by the “My Oreo Creation” Contest, the Fresno Grizzlies (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) are putting a new twist on their Fresno Tacos uniform. 

The team has officially announced it’s entry into the #MyOreoCreationContest, where cookie creationists from across the globe can submit their idea/prototype for the next big Oreo product.

Here’s how you make an authentic “Fresno Tacos” Oreo Taco:

·       Remove the cream from Double Stuf Oreos, and grind the cookies into a powder.  The powder is then used in a secret tortilla recipe and fried.

·       Allow the tortilla to cool, and fill with Oreo Ice Cream, and top with Mini Oreos.  Top it off with the removed cream from the original cookies, squeezed onto the Oreo Taco with a piping bag.   The Oreo Taco should always be served frozen.  

Chukchansi Park, which has hosted nearly all of the numerous taco trucks found in the Central Valley at either the annual Taco Truck Throwdown event or any Taco Tuesday home game when the Fresno Grizzlies transform into the Fresno Tacos, is also the site of other original taco creations, such as the popular “Taco Tots” which debuted this season.  The Oreo Taco was a natural next step in the team’s culinary inclination, as an original dessert item had yet to be developed that truly encompassed the unique bond and cultural identity Fresno has around its tacos.

“It’s time for dessert, but we need our fans help to make the Oreo Taco a reality on a scale that the entire nation can enjoy,” said Sam Hansen, marketing director for the Fresno Grizzlies.  “If you want to see Oreo Tacos at Chukchansi Park all the time, or in the freezer aisle to enjoy any time, definitely hashtag #MyOreoCreation and tag @FresnoGrizzlies as much as you can, with the images of the Oreo Taco we’ll be posting on social media.”  

“If we show Nabisco how much the Central Valley wants this Oreo Taco mass produced, that’s our best chance to have it here in the ballpark for everyone.  Let’s win this thing for Fresno,” Hansen continued.  

The results of the contest not withstanding, the team is planning “Oreo Taco Night” for Thursday, August 24.  The Fresno Tacos, rather than the Fresno Grizzlies will make a rare non-Taco Tuesday appearance on the field, donning a special Oreo version of the Fresno Tacos uniform and cap.   Created by Grizzlies’ graphic designer Dorian Castro, it’s an Oreo-themed takeoff of the original Fresno Tacos logo and uniform, also designed by Castro.

The Fresno “Oreo” Tacos replica jerseys and on-field 59/50 New Era caps, a limited edition for retail, will be available in late July or early August, online and at the Fresno Grizzlies team store at Chukchansi Park.  The seventh-annual Taco Truck Throwdown event, now a two-day taco festival, is scheduled for Friday, July 28 vs. New Orleans, and Saturday, July 29 (non-game day event).  TTT7 will feature a record 40 or so taco trucks, live music, and Major League Eating’s World Taco Eating Championship on Saturday 7/29.

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