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Raptors Scrap “Hourglass Appreciation Night”

Ogden Raptors

This should never been approved: the Ogden Raptors (rookie; Pioneer League) announced and then abruptly scrapped an “Hourglass Appreciation Night” promo, where 18 hourglass-shaped “stunners” would provide radio color commentary and pose for fan photos.

The ostensible angle of “Hourglass Appreciation Night” is to celebrate baseball’s status as “Sports Sans Clock,” and since August is the number 8 month, which looks like an hourglass, there would be 18 stunners at an August 11 game courtesy of Salt Lake City-based Stars Talent Studio, providing “a different stunner each half-inning.”

From the now-deleted press release on the Raptors website: “Fans will have the opportunity to pose for pictures with the lovely ladies as we showcase seriously splendid visual appeal: Utah’s legendary mountains, Dodgers and Reds farmhands — and gorgeous women whose curves rival those of any stud pitching prospect!”

Again, not the best of ideas for a promo in this day and age. The press release announcing the promo has been released from the team website, and we presume it’s been scrapped.

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