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Milwaukee Brewers to Brew Beer — For Real

Milwaukee Brewers 1970Three Milwaukee Brewers players will be meeting with MillerCoors’ Master Brewers today to plan out a limited-edition beer to be served at Miller Park later this season.

First baseman Eric Thames and relievers Oliver Drake and Corey Knebel are the three players interested enough in beer to meet with the other brewers. Knebel and Drake are roommates, and Knebel is a homebrewer.

According to the Brewers, Thames has submitted his “wish list” for style, taste, appearance, and aroma to the experts, and on Monday he and his teammates will begin the production phase at the MillerCoors pilot brewery, pretty much a stone’s throw from Miller Park.

Thames is in his first season with the Brewers, and Milwaukee’s beer culture was a factor in his decision to sign with the Brew Crew. “I came to Milwaukee before I signed, checked it out, and after an hour, I knew it was where I wanted to be. I love the Midwest. I love the hospitality of people. And Milwaukee has great beer,” Thames told USA Today. “I love beer.”

The beer’s name will be announced at a later date as fans will have an opportunity to sample the beer in a limited release run at Miller Park later this summer.

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