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Birds Flock to Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

While it will be a few months before fans head to the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, birds are already staking their claim at the new spring training facility

The future spring training home of the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals is currently under construction, as crews try to wrap up the facility in time for spring training action. During the construction process, birds have been a common site.

Flocks of birds have been spotted around the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, and are finding new perches as more structures at the complex are completed. In fact, they have shown up in such a high volume that this only this video from the Palm Beach Post can do it justice:

The birds have not been an uncommon sight throughout the process, and it seems that the ballpark could continue to be a popular destination for birds once it opens. For their part, those involved in the Ballpark of the Palm Beach’s development seem unfazed by the birds’ presence. More from the Palm Beach Post:

Another theory: New grass and fresh landscaping on the 12 practice fields and the main stadium.

“It’s a very organic place right now,” said Marc Taylor, the construction program manager for the Astros and Nationals.

“I would expect they always will be there when we are fertilizing or reseeding the grass.”

Flocks of birds could be seen Dec. 16 over the main stadium, sitting on the light towers.

“They seem to like to hover over the batter eye as most lawn work is happening at the stadium field,” Taylor said.

The opening of the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is a highly-anticipated development as spring training approaches. We previewed the facility and some of its signature features in a story earlier this year.

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