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Cubs Incorporate Team History in Bleachers

Chicago Cubs

For all of the focus on the modernization of Wrigley Field, there is a unique component to the renovations that pays tribute to the history of the Chicago Cubs

When the Cubs mapped out their improvements to the bleachers at Wrigley Field, many of the upgrades were planned to modernize the ballpark’s offerings. New group spaces were added, while there was also significant devoted to Wrigley Field’s technology and video production.

Tucked in among all of those changes, however, is a history display that lines the concourse. Located below the bleachers, the exhibits mix physical artifacts with plaques and murals to offer a comprehensive look at the Cubs’ history.

At major league ballparks, there are usually several different approaches that teams will take to recognize their history. While full-fledged museums have proven to be a success at some ballparks, many teams take the route of incorporating displays into concourses or various locations within the ballpark. There are also examples of exclusive spaces, such as club levels, being utilized for exhibits.

Due to the way Wrigley Field is constructed, this space–and the entire outfield concourse–is exclusive to bleacher ticket holders and cannot be accessed by fans throughout the ballpark.  As a result, these displays have become something of a hidden gem. More from the Chicago Tribune:

Brian Jacobs said he frequently travels to other major league parks, visiting at least one a year with his dad, and features like the remodeled bleacher concourses are his favorite attractions, elements that celebrate the uniqueness and back story of each franchise.

“I think that most fans probably don’t know this is down here,” Shannon Jacobs said.

The concourses began to fill up with more onlookers as game time approached, fans taking in the timeline of key events in Wrigley over the years, and remarking on the painted Cubs logos through the decades on the wall under the left-field stands. The logo wall is located near a mural that reads “Future Home of the Chicago Cubs bullpen,” one of the proposed next steps in the ballpark remodeling project.

Of course this is not the only touch at Wrigley Field that honors the Cubs’ history. Among them are the statues of the team’s greats that have lined the exterior of the ballpark for years, and several of them were restored as part of a previous upgrade to the outside of Wrigley Field.

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