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New for 2017: Onondaga Flames


A new summer collegiate franchise has been announced for 2017, as the Onondaga Flames will join the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League (PGCBL). The Flames will be the league’s 14th team. 

The Flames will play a 50 game schedule in June and July with 25 home games played at Onondaga Community
College Baseball Complex in Syracuse, NY. The Flames are owned by Onondaga Flames Inc, a New York
State corporation.

The new franchise chose the name Onondaga Flames in tribute to its neighbors, the Onondaga Nation.
“Our stadium is located adjacent to the Onondaga Nation, an original member of the Haudenosaunee, also
known as the Iroquois Confederacy, one of the oldest forms of democracy in the history of the world. Much of
the US Constitution is fashioned after Iroquois governance. As the Fire Keepers, the Onondagas continue to be
responsible for the gathering of the leaders of all of the Six Nations in Grand Council. They open and close the
councils and sanction the decisions arrived by the Council of chiefs. They are keepers of the Central Fire, hence
our name, Flames.” explained Wayne Walker, president.

The Flames will offer affordable, safe, family-friendly baseball entertainment. A fan of the Flames will be able
to drive a short distance with little traffic on the roads near the ballpark, find a free parking lot adjacent to the field and watch a high quality baseball game that will normally be completed in two hours and thirty minutes. Additionally,when they enter the gates to the ballpark they will be welcomed into a friendly atmosphere where kids and adults can enjoy themselves beyond just watching the baseball. The games will feature a mascot, on-the-field
entertainment between innings, bat boys and bat girls, speed pitch competition, picnic tables to sit at and relax,
affordable concessions and Flames logo merchandise.

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