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South Bend Cubs to Set Attendance Record

South Bend Cubs

A notable attendance record should be broken over Labor Day weekend, as the South Bend Cubs (Low A; Midwest League) expect to set a new high mark at Four Winds Field

A new record would mark the 3rd consecutive year that a new all-time attendance record is set.

“We’re just 11,453 tickets away from breaking the record,” said Joe Hart, President of the South Bend Cubs. “Right now, we’re averaging 5,100 ticket sales per game. So, if the weather holds out, we’ll surpass the 347,678 set in the 2015 regular season, by the end of the evening on Monday (Labor Day).”

“These are some of the greatest fans in the world,” added Andrew T. Berlin, Owner of the South Bend Cubs. “It’s just amazing to have witnessed a sold out Opening Night in April, even though it was snowing. And now, at the other end of the regular season with warm summer nights, all those families are still coming out to enjoy this family atmosphere for a few final memories before the playoffs begin. Call it a new attendance record if we set one by next Monday. But I also think of it as a record number of good memories.”

“As President of the Midwest League I have to remain neutral about what occurs on the field but can root with gusto for everything else—especially attendance records,” commented Dick Nussbaum, who presides over the league from his law office in downtown South Bend. “I encourage my hometown fans to pack Four Winds Field over the weekend to set a new attendance record for South Bend and help make history for League attendance at the same time. Let’s make this Labor Day one for the ages.”

“The South Bend Cubs continue to exceed expectations, especially those related to attendance and to fan experience,” added Jeff Rea, President and CEO of the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce. “The team has been a tremendous catalyst for growth and development efforts in the downtown area and across the region and serves as an example of the great momentum this area is experiencing. As projects continue to progress around the ballpark and throughout the downtown area, we suspect the years ahead will continue to challenge ballpark attendance records.”

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