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Boomers Still Seek Naming Rights Partner

Schaumburg BoomersBoomers Stadium has had its name since 2012, but that could change if the Schaumburg Boomers (independent; Frontier League) secure a naming rights partner. 

The Boomers are the party that is carrying out the task of finding a partner to put its name on the field. Over the years the team has managed to secure a few major sponsorships, but none have translated into a full-blown naming rights agreement.

At this point, Salvi Sports Enterprises president Pete Laven says that the Boomers are still actively looking for a partner. The ballpark’s owners–Schaumburg Village and the Schaumburg Park District–support the team’s efforts, and even have a revenue sharing structure in place should a deal go through. More from the Daily Herald:

Under an agreement between the Boomers, Schaumburg and the park district, if a naming rights contract is for $150,000 or less per year, the Boomers would get 90 percent of those revenues, with and the village and park district splitting the rest. The village and park district would get another 10 percent if the sponsorship deal exceeds $150,000, and yet another 10 percent if they play an instrumental role in getting the deal signed, [village manager Brian] Townsend said.

While the stadium doesn’t have a company name, the Boomers team has a presenting sponsor in Wintrust Community Banks. The partnership is more focused on the branding of the team, down to having the company’s logo on uniforms and painted on the field, Laven said.

The Boomers have never had a naming rights partner while playing in the facility. Alexian Brothers Health System previously sponsored the ballpark when it was home to the bygone Schaumburg Flyers (independent; Northern League).

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