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Pelicans Will Become Storks on September 1

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On Saturday, a fan went into labor at Field at Pelicans Park as the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (High A; Carolina League) battled the Wilmington BlueRocks. As a result, the team will change its name to the Myrtle Beach Storks for a single game.

After being checked by on‐site EMTs, Somchai and Cassandra Rollins, from Sumter, SC, headed to Conway Medical Center where they welcomed a healthy baby girl.  Alexandria Catherine Rollins, or Allie as her parents are already calling her, was born at 5:35 am this morning and weighed in at 8 lbs. 15 oz.   Splash, the Pelicans mascot, was on‐hand this afternoon to meet the newest member of the Rollins family and present baby Allie and her parents with a gift basket courtesy of the Pelicans.

ʺThis is a first for us,ʺ stated Mike Snow, Pelicans Assistant General Manager Operations who was on‐
hand Saturday night when Cassandra went into labor.  ʺWe wanted to do something special for baby
Allie and her parents.ʺ

Last nightʹs event has Pelicans President and General Manager Andy Milovich contemplating a team
name change to the Myrtle Beach Storks, if only for a day.

ʺInspiration for promotional nights can come from anywhere,ʺ  said Milovich.    “Any time you can
draw attention to a great human interest story, create memories and give back to the community it is
a great day.”
The Pelicans will be adding a Labor Day Night to their promotional calendar.  Since the team does not
have a home game on Labor Day this year, they will celebrate a few days early on Thursday,
September 1st.

ʺWe were dangerously close to having to cancel our T‐shirt Gun in‐game promotion to outfit the
family seated in the row below Mr. and Mrs. Rollins,” said Milovich jokingly.  “In all seriousness, I’m
proud of the way Mike Snow and our Operations Team responded to an unusual turn of events.  I’m
incredibly happy for the Rollins family and welcome them to the Pelicans family.  They’re welcome as
my guest at the ballpark any time they’re in town!”

The promotional night will feature a gamut of elements including pampering stations (massages,
manicures and pedicures…not diapers!) for mothers‐to‐be, free season tickets for life to women who
go into labor at the game and a college fund donation to the first woman who goes into labor at the
game. Food specials will feature pickles, ice cream and other popular items to stave off in‐game
cravings.  In‐game entertainment elements will include lullaby walk‐up music, player headshots on
the video board will feature baby photos, and a Lamaze breathing contest for dads.   Additionally,
pregnant mothers attending the game can submit a picture of their baby in the coming months for the
teamʹs 2017 baby card set giveaway.

On the charitable side, fans will be able to donate car seats, diapers, etc., which will benefit mothers in
need.  A variety of baby and mom‐centric gift baskets will be raffled off for additional fundraising

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