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Suns, Hagerstown Share Cost of Upgrades

Hagerstown Suns

To spruce up aging Municipal Stadium, the Hagerstown Suns (Low A; Sally League) partnered with the City of Hagerstown for a series of upgrades. 

Some of the repairs were made public earlier this year, when the Suns and the city finalized a lease extension that runs through 2018. While that extension did not include 2016—which was already covered under a previous agreement—the city and the Suns decided on a series of projects around the ballpark that were to be completed before this season.

The upgrades are now completely in place around Municipal Stadium. As a whole, the improvements amount to a more than $90,000 investment in the facility, with the Suns paying 2/3 of the cost, according to the estimate they released.

The improvements and renovations include new center field wall pads that feature the Hagerstown Suns logo printed on them ($15,621). There was a brand new infield playing surface built during the off season ($39,525). The dugouts received an update as well: the fences in-front of the dugouts were reconfigured for safety reasons, new lights were added and the helmet/bat racks were refurbished.

In addition to the on field updates, both home and away clubhouses received a face lift. The combined total of updates brought to the clubhouses ended up being over $28,500.00 once all work was completed.

When asked about the projects, Suns General Manager Travis Painter said, “We are very excited to partner with the City of Hagerstown to help rejuvenate and invest in historic Municipal Stadium.”

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