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Revolution to Sport Sunday Propeller Caps

York Sunday Funday Cap

This is truly cutting-edge ballpark apparel: the York Revolution (independent; Atlantic League) are adopting specially designed caps featuring propellers reminiscent of old-fashioned beanies each Sunday of the 2016 season.

Nicknamed “Sunday Funday caps,” the uniform hats will feature propeller blades colored Revolution blue and mounted to spin freely during gameplay. Revolution General Manager John Gibson said the unique headwear actually has multiple purposes.

“First and foremost, it’s a shout out to the kid in all of us, especially the one that grew up playing stick ball or Little League Baseball and dreamt of being a professional baseball player,” Gibson said. “Second, in the practices where we’ve used the caps, we’ve discovered the beanie propellers actually help some of the players gauge how to play the ball when there is some wind, like the breezes we get sometimes in left field at PeoplesBank Park. We’re looking forward to seeing how that slight advantage improves fielding. The players have also noticed a bit of a cooling effect from the propellers, so that will help in those hot 1 p.m. Sunday games.”

Revolution President Eric Menzer said the caps also serve as an homage to the earliest days of the team, noting that early concepts for the team mascot included a colorful circus-inspired character called “Whirly.”

(Heh. Check the date, people.)

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