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Bulls Unveil DURM Night Unis


For DURM Night on June 9, the Durham Bulls (Class AAA; International League) will take the field in uniforms that are about as locally-inspired as possible. Thanks to the design work of local clothier RUNAWAY, the Bulls will sport specialty jerseys and hats for the promotion. 

Inspired by the City of Durham’s flag, these uniforms feature a color scheme that includes royal blue, gold, and red, along with the flag’s seven stars of Durham. RUNAWAY’s logo will be seen on the jersey’s right sleeve. DURM was a term first used by RUNAWAY to reflect the city’s hard-nosed heritage.

As can be seen on the images below, the uniform combines these elements with the traditional “D” logo that is synonymous with the Bulls’ identity:



Even the uniform’s socks reflect this theme:


Both the Bulls and RUNAWAY see this is a chance to showcase their community pride. More from Hit Bull Win Blog:

“As lifelong fans, this is a dream opportunity,” RUNAWAY Founder and Creative Director Gabriel Eng-Goetz said. “What better way stage to showcase pride for our hometown than under the bright lights of Durham Bulls Athletic Park?”

DURM Night will be a celebration of the City of Durham, specifically the city’s vibrant art scene.

“We’re thrilled to partner with RUNAWAY for this unique uniform collaboration,” Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said. “As we aim to celebrate the creative arm of Durham, a uniform designed by a Durham-based clothing company was a no-brainer for us. We couldn’t be happier with the jersey design, and know it represents the team and city well.”

When it comes to rolling out bold new uniform concepts, the Bulls have had a fairly busy offseason. Earlier this month, they unveiled Bull City Blues, a Saturday uniform that combines their classic logo with a more modern look.

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