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Blue Wahoos Unveil Pink Foul Poles


The Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Class AA; Southern League) have made a striking addition to Pensacola Bayfront Stadium, which is now home to pink foul poles. These foul poles are making their debut this weekend during the Cox Diamond Invitational, with yesterday’s contest between Southern Mississippi and Michigan State marking the first game in which they were used.

Pink foul poles mark a complete departure from the norm, evidenced by the fact that Pensacola Bayfront Stadium will be the only ballpark in Minor League or Major League baseball to feature them this season.

In creating the poles, the Blue Wahoos considered several tie ins. They are part of the Blue Wahoos’ effort to join in the fight against breast cancer, making them a new element in a league-wide effort that has traditionally been highlighted by pink jerseys and charity theme nights. In addition, the pink foul poles are a nod to co-owner Bubba Watson. Watson, a two-time Masters champion who hails from nearby Bagdad, FL, has used a pink driver on the PGA Tour since 2012.

Since purchasing a share of the club last year, Watson has had an active partnership with the Blue Wahoos. He made a four-game appearance at the ballpark last season, had his own bobblehead day, a stadium-served grilled cheese sandwich was named in his honor, and the Blue Wahoos rebranded their home plate restaurant as Bubba’s Sand Trap. The restaurant displays the pink driver he used to tee off from home plate during his introductory press conference with the team.

The shade of pink used on the foul pole is rubine red. This tone is part of the Blue Wahoos’ color scheme, and is most prominently featured on the team’s Sunday home jerseys.

Fans who want to see the foul poles during a game will a chance this weekend, as the Cox Diamond Invitational runs through tomorrow afternoon. The Blue Wahoos will get their first look at the new foul poles during their home opener on April 12.

Photo courtesy of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

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