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Increased security comes to Wrigley Field

Chicago CubsIt should take a little longer to enter Chicago Cubs games at Wrigley Field this season, as the team is adding metal detectors to the entry gates.

That change was announced this weekend by Crane Kenney, President of Business Operations for the team, during the Cubs’ annual fan convention. This move brings the Cubs in compliance with MLB guidelines announced in 2014 to improve ballpark security. Some teams, like the Phillies and the Twins, immediately added security detectors to the mix, while the Cubs delayed the move and stayed with the more non-high-tech method of screening bags by hand. When done right, the metal detectors don’t really delay things much; they get blamed during that last-minute rush into the ballpark when there would be lines no matter what.

Kenney also revealed some upcoming changes for the season. Another worth noting, though specifics aren’t released: the streets around the ballpark could be closed before most games, including the iconic Clark and Addison intersection. A good move: honestly, we’re always a little surprised more people aren’t clipped trying to cross streets before or after a Cubs game. (This likely won’t happen; the city is not thrilled about closing down two busy streets for a Cubs game.)

Finally, the team announced it would extend netting to meet MLB recommendations. The goal is to protect fans within 70 feet of home plate, which usually means extending the netting to the dugouts.

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