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AHHH-nold Night bobble-biceps giveaway from Storm

Arnold Schwarzenegger bobble-biceps giveawayWell, this is certainly new and very cool: the Lake Elsinore Storm (High A; California League) are hosting AHHH-nold Night this Thursday, complete with a Arnold Schwarzenegger bobble-biceps giveaway.

The Storm are honoring the Governator with a theme night featuring the bobble-biceps based on Schwarzenegger’s former time as a bodybuilder. The Storm say this is first bobble-biceps giveaway, and we certainly can’t recall any.

The night will also include various in-game promotions, including a few based on past Schwarzenegger movies:

  • A “Running Man” dance contest (The Running Man)
  • Pregnant man limbo (Junior)
  • An Arnold impersonation contest
  • A “Flex Off” posing competition

Fans can enjoy a number of food specials, a “Pasta La Vista” dish, “Mr. Freeze” pops and a “Terminatorade” mixed drink in the Diamond Club. Anyone named Arnold will receive a $5 ticket to the game.

The night will be complemented by Schwarzenegger sound bytes, movie clips and a special video message from the man himself.

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