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New for 2015: Brevard County Space Explorers

Brevard County Space Explorers

The Kennedy Space Center will sponsor a space-themed promotion for the Brevard County Manatees (High Class A; Florida State League) on May 7-9, with the team playing as the Brevard County Space Explorers at Space Coast Stadium.

The Space Explorers will wear specialty space-themed jerseys and caps that were designed by Kennedy Space Center employee Angela Krenn.

“The shirt design uses images from the Hubble Space Telescope to show the Comet ISON against a backdrop of distant galaxies and stars,” Krenn said. “ISON was the comet which was torn apart when rounding the Sun in 2013.  The hat design is an image of Jupiter, also taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Featured prominently on the front is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which is a 10,000-mile wide hurricane-like storm.” Krenn is a cryogenics engineer for NASA, focusing on propellant systems.

The space-themed jerseys, will be available for purchase via auction at The auction starts on May 7. The caps can be purchased in the Manatees official team store, The Lagoon, located at Space Coast Stadium.

“The Kennedy Space Center is excited to share our passion for space exploration with the Manatees baseball team and fans,” said Mike Bolger, NASA Ground Systems Development and Operations Program Manager. “As baseball fans and members of this community, we look forward to an out of this world weekend.” Bolger will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch on Saturday Night.

On Saturday May 9, the Kennedy Space Center Event will feature postgame fireworks, NASA and KSC educational exhibits and displays, photos with the KSC Visitor Complex Spaceman, and activities and entertainment for the entire family. The Fur Circus, a traveling live circus-themed character mascot group who specializes in humor, will also be in attendance.

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