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The ultimate ballpark aerial view: from space

Major League Baseball logoTalk about the ultimate in aerial views: NASA astronaut Terry Virts, traveling 250 miles above Earth on the International Space Station, is photographing every MLB ballpark from space and asking fans to guess the location.

Virts, a Baltimore Orioles fan, is posting the images on his Twitter and Instragram accounts. He’s posting the image first and then asking for followers to guess the location. He’s using the #ISSPlayBall hashtag to denote the ballpark images:

“This is my favorite thing to do in orbit,” Virts said via NASA. “I like to try to think of creative ways to take pictures, from a new perspective, or with new lighting. There is always something interesting looking out the window — if it’s lightning, aurora, city lights at night, interesting geology on Earth, wide angle ‘big picture’ scenes of the Earth as a planet, the moon, planets or even stars — there is never a lack of good subject matter. You just have to be prepared and able to use the camera very quickly and proficiently. At the speed we travel a good picture is often fleeting and only available for a few seconds. It’s also fun to take time lapse sequences that we can turn into movies that brings the view a little more to life. But as good as the camera is, it’s just not even close to the same thing as being here in person.”

By the way, the city in the above tweet: Houston, hosting Minute Maid Park. Yes, the ballparks are a little hard to make out in the photos, but clarity isn’t the point: this is a pretty cool exercise for any ballpark fan.

There may be some special bonuses for fans this season: Virt brought a #42 Jackie Robinson jersey aboard the International Space Station, and we’re guessing it will make a special appearance when MLB hosts its annual celebration of the civil rights pioneer.

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