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Blaze announce Sam Lynn Ballpark improvements

Bakersfield Blaze logoThe Bakersfield Blaze (High Class A; California League) announced several improvements to Sam Lynn Ballpark for the 2015 season, including a renovation of the picnic area.

The largest change to the facility, according to a press release from the team, will be a renovation of the ballpark’s picnic area. Since 2012, the third base line has been home to a smattering of tables in a section known as The Terrace.

That area will be removed to make room for a brand new, 500-person capacity, large-scale picnic area located just off the field of play. The new picnic zone will be covered and can be split into three sections to accommodate multiple group events on high-traffic nights. The all-you-can-eat buffet food will be prepared adjacent to the picnic area, as well, for improved efficiency and hotter, tastier foods for the group events.

In addition, the new area will be completely self-contained. In the past, picnic events at the ballpark were forced to eat in one area and sit in another, but that annoyance is no more, as the new third-base picnic area will provide the convenience and comfort of eating and seating all in one space.

Proximity to the field of play will be dramatically improved for a more exciting game-watching experience, and ballpark public address speakers will point directly into the new picnic area to keep fans immersed and engaged.

Meanwhile, the third-base bleachers, marked on seating maps as the General Admission section, will be moved to the first-base side to make room for the new picnic area. Ballpark capacity will increase from 1,839 to 2,075.

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