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Two ballpark development proposals make cut in Hartford

New Hartford ballpark

Two downtown Hartford development plans that include a new New Britain Rock Cats (Class AA; Eastern League) ballpark are under consideration by city officials.

The two plans address the issue of municipal office space, but they differ extensively otherwise: one would add retail and residential, and the other more modest plan would focus on the ballpark and municipal space, per the Hartford Courant:

A group led by New York-based LeylandAlliance and Middletown-based Centerplan has proposed building a ballpark, more than 210,000 square feet of municipal office space, more than 600 residential units, and retail space that features a grocery store.

Boston-based CV Properties LLC submitted a plan that includes a new municipal office building, a ballpark and a garage. The company, which called the proposal a “catalytic project,” said it would partner with other interested developers “to advance the housing and retail components of the project.”

The city expects either proposal to reach the $500-million investment level, but otherwise financials are not being discussed. A new ballpark is expected to cost $60 million, and whether there’s any level of city aid — whether it be some sort of bonding or TIF financing — will be decided down the road.

A third proposal from Thomas Hooker Brewing Company’s Curt Cameron doesn’t actually address funding or building of a ballpark; Cameron expressed interest in building a $10-$15-million brewery next to any new ballpark. A fourth proposal was rejected out of hand by city staff for not meeting guidelines.

The city plans on reviewing the proposals before conducting interviews with developers on Aug. 15-16. The goal is a 2016 ballpark opening.

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