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Another potential legal threat to new Braves ballpark fizzling?

New Atlanta Braves ballpark

Though there have been threats of legal action against government spending on a new Atlanta Braves ballpark, none have actually commenced — and the latest effort appears to be a long shot as well.

Citizens for Governmental Transparency — the group that made a huge fuss when reps were denied the chance to testify against the proposal when the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved itthreatened a lawsuit over a month ago, saying that the upcoming bond sale didn’t meet the requirements of the Georgia State Constitution. While group leaders are sticking with that interpretation before the upcoming July 7 court hearing where a judge reviews the bond sale, the threatened challenge may not happen because no lawyers will take on the project:

CGT’s Rich Pellegrino admits to Creative Loafing that contesting the county’s $397 million bond issuance for the stadium is a long shot. Grassroots legal foundations have declined to support the group’s fight because of the low odds, he says.

“We haven’t given up, but we may be on the losing end of the Braves battle. But we’re winning the war,” Pellegrino says. “The old way of doing business is gone forever here.”

Braves spokeswoman Beth Marshall says the team can’t comment on the bond challenge because the county handles that particular matter. But, she adds, the Braves “have complete confidence in our [government] partners” that they will handle any challenges.

The bond plan commits the Braves to a 30-year lease with the county on the new-ballpark project, with the county committed to bonding up to $397 million. The new ballpark is expected to open in 2017.

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