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Average cost for family of four at MiLB game: $63.55

Minor League BaseballSome stats on attending a Minor League Baseball game: it will cost $63.55 for a family of four to enjoy a trip to the ballpark this season.

The price includes parking, two adult tickets, two child tickets, four hot dogs, two sodas, two beers and a program or scorecard.

The average cost for a fan attending a game with their spouse, significant other, neighbor or friend at one of the 160 ballparks in the 14 domestic-based leagues that charge admission ranges from $33-$37, depending on their choice of beverages.

The ticket prices are based on the most economical fixed seat in a stadium on a typical night at the ballpark. A majority of the clubs have discounted, free or special ticket prices for children under a certain age, senior citizens and/or military personnel. Berm seating, concessions specials and other deals available through clubs’ social media outlets also save fans money and contribute to making the cost of attending a MiLB game a great budget-friendly options.

“There are many reasons why Minor League Baseball clubs have attracted more than 41 million fans for nine years in a row and the affordability of experiencing a game has certainly played an integral role in bringing fans into our ballparks,” said Minor League Baseball President and CEO Pat O’Conner. “Combining the economic-friendly cost of attending one of our clubs’ games with the promotions and the all-around stadium experience provides our fans with a great night out.”


  MiLB AAA AA A SS/rookie
Adult ticket $7.56 $8.60 $7.60 $7.58 $6.78
Child ticket $6.63 $7.57 $6.77 $6.60 $5.99
Hot dog $3.30 $3.83 $3.15 $3.30 $2.99
Soda $3.14 $3.48 $3.17 $3.18 $2.79
Beer $5.28 $5.81 $5.38 $5.33 $4.72
Program* $2.35 $2.31 $2.59 $2.39 $2.11
Parking** $2.78 $4.47 $3.20 $2.50 $1.63

*price where fee is charged
**price of the most economical lot nearest to the ballpark used for clubs with no onsite parking


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