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Metrodome demolition almost completed

Metrodome site

It took years to build and mere weeks to take down: Demolition of the Metrodome has proceeded to the point that for all intents and purposes the former home of the Minnesota Twins is no more.

Officials with the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority say that most of the Metrodome has been hauled off, with only small bits remaining. The Metrodome, never of the most loved facilities in pro sports, will do some good after demolition: according to Mortenson Construction, more than 80 percent of the Metrodome’s steel and concrete will be recycled. That turns out to be 80,000 tons of concrete will be recycled for use in other building projects, 4,500 tons of structural steel (with some 2,000 tons of steel recycled at the new stadium site), 25 tons of precious metals, 300 tons of roof cables, 120 tons (240,000 pounds) of cast iron, and 75 tons (150,000). In addition, the Metrodome roof and most of the seats were recycled separately.

Shown in the photo above: the Metrodome site from the northeast. The former Kirby Puckett Drive was at the right side of this screen cap, and you can see the former curve of the Dome at the left. Light rail can be seen running on the near side of the construction site, on Fourth Street.

Work on the new Vikings stadium, which will also be used for college and high-school baseball and is expected to open in 2016, is on schedule, reports the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority. Half the excavation work is completed, and 40 piers (out of the 300 needed) have been installed.

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