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York Revolution begins construction on new group deck

Santander Stadium deck

Another improvement to Santander Stadium, home of the York Revolution (independent; Atlantic League), for 2014: Construction of the Dietz & Bluett Insurance Diamond Deck.

Construction on the new deck began last month and will be completed in advance of the York Revolution’s Opening Day on Thursday, April 24. The new hospitality area, which now puts large groups in the middle of the action at Santander Stadium, is the first piece of a multiyear investment plan for the seven-year-old ballpark announced by the Revolution.

The Dietz & Bluett Insurance Diamond Deck provides a unique vantage point right behind home plate in a more intimate hospitality setting for 25 to 50 people, rather than having a group that size be limited to the larger picnic area as the only choice.

Once the Dietz & Bluett Insurance Diamond Deck is completed, York Countians and Revolution fans will notice further innovations and renovations in the coming years. Other ideas in the planning stage include:

  • The “Revolution Skywalk” in the lawn area in center field. This blend of a ropes course and zipline will provide a challenging new adventure play opportunity and spectacular views for those who make it to the top.
  • Construction of a restaurant at the ballpark on the third base plaza to replace The Hop Corner, which will include a deck cantilevered out over the left field foul territory.
  • Upgrades to the main video board display inside Santander Stadium and the addition of spectacular new “ribbon boards,” adding new ways to entertain fans and provide advertising opportunities for sponsors.
  • The construction of two buildings in the existing picnic area — one a permanent pavilion to replace the existing tents and the second a climate-controlled private area which will open to the surrounding environment on great-weather days.

The exact timing for the introduction of each specific element will depend on sponsor relationships for each, as well as the evolving specific needs of the Revolution’s customer base.

“When we opened Santander Stadium in 2007, everything about it was unique in York County and we blew people away with how special it was. As we start our eighth season, it’s time to start introducing elements to keep it that way,” said Revolution President and General Manager Eric Menzer. “We want fans saying ‘what will they think of next?’ when they think about us. And we want the answer to be ‘you haven’t seen anything yet’ in all aspects of our operation.”

When surveying Santander Stadium, of course one thing stands out above all, aside from Cannonball Charlie firing the cannon after home runs: The “Arch Nemesis” in left field, the homage to the Green Monster at Boston’s Fenway Park, which protects Arch Street from line-drive home runs.

The wall, complete with the Fenway-style manual scoreboard, has remained largely un-touched since the Revolution’s founding. The same was true of the Green Monster, until one season fans were suddenly sitting on top of it. While no construction that major is in the planning stages yet, it hasn’t been ruled out either.

“We’d be crazy not to consider it,” said Menzer. “Stay tuned.”


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