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History could be uncovered at new Sounds ballpark site

New Nashville ballpark

Early work on a new Nashville Sounds (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) ballpark at Sulphur Dell could yield some insights into the city’s history, as archeologists work alongside construction crews.

Sulphur Dell, a spring located near the Cumberland River near downtown, was one of the earliest settled areas in Nashville, so there’s the chance work at the ballpark site could uncover early artifacts. To make sure nothing was missed, the city hired an archeological firm to work alongside excavation crews. There’s also the chance some portion of the original Sulphur Dell ballpark could be uncovered. Crews have already worked at the ballpark site and discovered relics of the old Andrew Jackson Hotel, torn down in 1973 and used for fill after the ballpark was demolished. From WTVF

Mark Tolley with the Tennessee Ancient Sites Conservancy calls the process “opening a window” to early Nashville history.

“Any area near downtown is rich with archeological treasures,” Tolley said. “Whether there are any left there is yet to be seen, but you can go back thousands of years.”…

Tolley said the possibility of what crews could find is endless. There could be remnants of the original Sulphur Dell Ballpark, pieces left over from a former landfill, artifacts dating back to the Civil War era, Native Americans or even the Mastodons.

Remnants of the old ballpark, of course, would be extremely cool.

The new ballpark will open in 2015 and replace Greer Stadium as home of the Sounds.

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