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Yankee Stadium hockey: cold, sunny

Yankee Stadium hockey

Yesterday’s outdoor NHL game at Yankee Stadium was an interesting mix of extremes: it was delayed because of glare from the sun, while fans suffered through extremely cold temperatures.

The crowd was great for the Stadium Series game — 50,105 — but the New York Rangers/New Jersey Devils game was delayed some  40 minutes to wait out some nasty sun glare, particularly affecting the Rangers defending the goal in the left-field area. (This is not an issue limited to hockey; left field in Yankee Stadium is known as a sun field.) Meanwhile, fans struggled with the cold temps while waiting things out in the grandstand. The temps were in the low 20s, with wind chills pushing that temp down to the teens, Add in some light snow, and it was a winter wonderland of sorts, as reported by the New York Post:

“I’m too old for this. It was freezing,” said fan Fran Mayson, 52, as he left Sunday’s game in the second period.

“ I have a ticket for the Wednesday game against the Islanders but am not going. It is supposed to be even colder. I told one of my cousins they can have the ticket.”

Yankee Stadium will host another NHL game Wednesday, when the Rangers host the New York Islanders.

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