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Wrigley Field renovations may not be ready by Opening Day

Wrigley Field upgrades

Wrigley Field bleacher renovations may not be ready by Opening Day, as the Chicago Cubs prepare contingency plans to handle fans at the iconic ballpark in April 2015.

As part of the 1060 Project — the multiyear renovation of Wrigley Field — the outfield bleachers are being rebuilt and expanded, allowing for expanded capacity, new party decks in the corners and a move of the bullpens underneath the new construction:

Wrigley Field

Nice idea, but the implementation has already hit a road bump: bad weather is causing construction delays, and there’s the distinct chance the construction won’t be ready for the season opener in April. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Unforeseen problems with a water main and an early blast of bad weather have conspired to delay renovation work on the stadium, forcing the Cubs to make contingency plans for relocating bleacher season-ticket holders in the likely event that the bleachers aren’t ready for the start of the 2015 season.

“We’ve already factored in some weather days, for those sub-zero days and obviously snow,” team spokesman Julian Green said. “We’re doing as much work as possible, even to the extent that we are now working on Saturdays and Sundays. … Now we’ve experienced some delays.”…

The biggest problem created with the delays involves the wait to start foundation work to support the new structure, Green said, with new concrete requiring three weeks to cure before framework can be erected.

Not under consideration: moving the nationally televised home opener against the Cardinals to another location. What is under consideration: moving bleacher patrons to the grandstand or setting up temporary seating in the bleacher area. Now, the Cubs have some time to make a decision — single-game tickets don’t on sale until March 6 — and the final solution may depend on the state of things come February.

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