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Don’t look now, but spring training is around the corner

Hammond Stadium

Yes, we know the World Series just ended and the Arizona Fall League is still in play. But planning for another big baseball event is starting: spring training.

We aren’t going to go into a long discussion of prepping for spring games here. Instead, we wanted to point out there’s lot of activity on our sister site, Spring Training Online, with multiple schedules posted (including the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets and Twins), and more sure to come this week and next.

If you’re a ballpark geek and planning ahead for next year, there are two developments to keep in mind. First, the renovation of Hammond Stadium and CenturyLink Sports Complex, spring home of the Twins (shown above), should be complete for spring training. The ballpark has been in the midst of a two-year renovation, adding new seating, a wraparound concourse and more. Second, the Oakland Athletics have left Phoenix Municipal Stadium and will set up shop in a renovated HoHoKam Park in Mesa, left empty by the Chicago Cubs. Phoenix Muni won’t be empty: the Arizona State Sun Devils will be playing there in 2015.

Again, if you’re interested in spring training, we encourage you to check out our sister site, Spring Training Online, and sign up for the newsletter.

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