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Lake Monsters unveil new logo, branding

Vermont Lake Monsters logo

The Vermont Lake Monsters (short season A; NY-Penn League) unveiled a new team logo and identity featuring the team’s mascot, CHAMP, as the team begins their 21st season of Minor League Baseball.

Vermont Lake MonstersAfter using logos with the variation of a gray “Champ” floating through the letter V during the franchise’s first years as the Vermont Expos, or a “greener and meaner” Champ since becoming the Lake Monsters, the new logo will feature a lime green CHAMP that more closely resembles the team mascot’s colors and features. 

“The logos and team identities of the past did not truly reflect the connection between team and mascot,” said GM Nate Cloutier. “We set out to adjust to match what our fans have come to know and love — the Lake Monsters and the big, lime green mascot, CHAMP! We want people to think of CHAMP and the Lake Monsters when they see lime green, just like the connection with Crimson and Alabama, or Burnt Orange and Texas.”

With those goals in mind, the new Lake Monsters primary logo features the CHAMP gliding through the water, barely breaking the surface like a mystical creature would, and sitting atop a custom lime green Lake Monsters font that incorporates a tail underlining the team nickname. The Lake Monsters new game cap will feature just CHAMP emerging from the water, while the new batting practice cap logo focuses solely on CHAMP’s face, as if CHAMP had just breached the surface of the water.

Vermont Lake Monsters

In addition, a secondary logo was developed with a more playful cartoon-like look to connect with CHAMP’s biggest fans, the youth. The logo features the CHAMP trotting with his bat and ball in hand, as if he were ready to play another game.

Products based on the team’s new look can be purchased online at


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