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Owners: Chihuahuas name a hit

El Paso ChihuahuasDespite some initial criticism, it looks like the El Paso Chihuahuas (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) name has been a hit in terms of interest and merchandise sales.

The name received national media attention and among the top-10 national trending topics on Twitter. (It was a top story on Ballpark Digest as well.)

“We are so pleased and fortunate that the Chihuahua brand has not only exploded locally, but nationally and internationally,” said Brad Taylor, Chihuahuas general manager.

According to a press release from the team, merchandise has been on the move, with the equivalent of a month’s worth of sales being processed within the first week. There was a line 20-people deep outside the door of the Team Shop the night of the reveal, and traffic at the store has yet to slow down.

“We have consistently been filled with customers since our debut,” said Kara Hayes, manager of retail operations. “The store has been constantly busy with plenty of traffic and there are times when the lines are out the door.

“We have had customers walk up five minutes after we’ve closed,” Hayes said. “We’ve opened our doors for them. We don’t want to turn anyone away.”

Online sales have also excelled, with orders placed from 37 states, and requests have also been made to ship to Canada, Germany, Japan and Mexico. New Era on-field caps are the biggest seller, a trend that occurs across most markets.

“I assure you when we move to the permanent location in the ballpark we will have an even bigger selection,” said Hayes.

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