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Rally Bear banned from Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles DodgersA self-appointed bear mascot who jumped atop the St. Louis Cardinals dugout in Game 3 of the NLCS and led the Dodger Stadium crowd in cheers has been banned by the team for six months.

Mark Monninger of Rancho Cucamonga, the “Rally Bear” who decided the Dodgers really needed a mascot a la the Rally Monkey, was taken from the stands after his stunt and escorted from the ballpark after being informed by Dodgers officials he was barred from entering Dodger Stadium for the next six months. From the Los Angeles Times:

Monninger called it “a gonzo, guerrilla-thing where you just go for it.”

“Not bad for a white guy…. Trust me, it can get way better,” Monninger said of his late-game performance. “I can tear up a rug if I have to.”…

Monninger had tried a similar move once before, he said, at the Dodgers’ last regular-season home game, when he dressed up in the bear costume and ran through the stands trying to get fans pumped up.

Of course, there’s the whole issue of a bear serving as the Dodgers mascot. It’s a stretch — yeah, there’s a bear on the California state flag — but we suspect Monninger went for the bear look because he had a scruffy bear costume in the closet.


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